Welcome to Cherry Tree Pottery:  Where you'll find unique and unusual ceramics that come from my creative imagination.  There are sculptures full of spirit and humour, as well as playful curios. My passion for pottery is where  I channel my personality and my love of nature and patterns into whimsical and quirky pieces – commissions are always welcome.   Here you'll find a wide variety of ceramics, from lidded jars and boxes, dishes, vases and mugs, to ornamental sculptures with prices ranging from just a few pounds upwards.  I hope you'll enjoy browsing to see how the pottery got started and more and take a peek in the shop to see the very latest pieces.  

LATEST NEWS:  Cherry Tree Pottery online shop is moving to Etsy - simply search for  CherryTreePottery - all one word with capitals for C, T and P.  Take a peek here.